Indoor Plants

  • Variegated Chain of Hearts

    Variegated Chain of Hearts

    Great Indoor foliage line Great gift idea Easy to care for and maintain Visually appealing This trailing indoor plant has small heart shaped leaves in shades of green and purple. The stems can reach 3-4 metres long and once established flowers. This...
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  • Maranta leuconeura 75mm

    Maranta leuconeura 75mm

    Maranta leuconeura or commonly called the Prayer Plant is a wonderful low growing, compact plant with beautiful, decorative deep green, velvety leaves. The plant gets its common name from the fact that its leaves stay flat during the day and then fold up...
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  • Spider Plant Chlorophytum Bonnie 8cm

    Spider Plant Chlorophytum Bonnie 8cm

    This Curly Spider Plant variety is a modern version of the traditional Spider Plant with a curvy twist. It is much more compact in size and, in our opinion, a little more designer for your collection.Supplied in a 8cm pot
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  • Hoya obovata

    Hoya obovata

    A hardy fast growing hoya with large rounded and fleshy leaves, makes as attractive plant with or without flowers. Flowers - 1cm across in clusters of 10 to 20 lightly fragrant Position - Shaded positions outdoors, flowers better under higher light. Will...
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