• Fruit and Citrus 500g

    Fruit and Citrus 500g

    Manutec Friut & Citrus Food is a specific blend of all nutrients developed to maintain vigor and cropping ability of fruit and citrus trees.  It assists in the production of green, healthy...
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  • Hydrangea Pinking Agent 500g

    Hydrangea Pinking Agent 500g

    Manutec Hydrangea Pinking Agent is a water soluble blend that maintains the nutrients levels necessary in the soil for pink sepals on hydrangeas.Manutec Hydrangea Pinking Agent comes in 500g packs...
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  • pH Tester Kit

    pH Tester Kit

    Instantly test the pH of soils, potting mixes and composts Accurate, simple and economical Very handy for gardeners, horticulturists and farmers to test instantly This simple, accurate and...
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  • Tomato Tablets 20g

    Tomato Tablets 20g

    Tomatoes are” Heavy feeders”, they need regular supply of water and nutrients through out the growing season. It is important for growers/gardeners to identify any nutritional...
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